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TEL: 01908 579 425

Buzz Inn Cargo Offers Door To Door Delivery Service By Air To Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Zanzibar And Many Other Locations!

Why Choose Buzz Inn Cargo

Guaranteed reliable services and backed by our customer promise for 100% satisfaction.

Our partnerships with national freight transport carriers ensure a perfect service for our customers

The right item at the right time in the right condition to the right customer

Always guaranteed attention to detail working with worldwide companies

Working Hours

As well as being available during normal working hours, we are also available outside of working hours and during weekends and public holidays





Contact Details

Buzz Inn Cargo

6 The Square
Milton Keynes
MK12 5DG
United Kingdom

Phone: 01908 579 425
Mobile: 07449 696 477

Freight Forwarding

Seeking help with Air or Sea , we can assist you with you requirements!